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Payzone New Place For British Gas Card Payments.

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If you're in a home which is still served by a British Gas Meter, from January 1 2020 Payzone rather than PayPoint are now dealing with any over-the-counter payments.  I found this out when trying to put £20 on my meter card at my local Co-Op

Unfortunately, Payzone appear not to have informed any of their shops in the S1 area that this is the case, with all three of them open on the evening of Sunday 5 January being unable to process the payment, stating their system has yet to be updated to cover the change (Wellington Express), insisting they do not deal with British Gas - despite being shown they do on the Payzone site - (Select And Save on Arundel Gate) or simply not understanding what you, and the Payzone site say about this (Waingate Express)

Very frustrating when you're down to £1.50 on the gas meter!

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Up 'til now I've settled my mother-in-law's gas bill with my local McColls shop. (The old dear insists on settling her bills with cash, and it was easier for me just to pay it over the counter when I was shopping)

I was told the news about PayPoint yesterday, but the McC's staff also pointed out that they'd been informed that the switch to using PayZone was "a trial period only", so that might explain the confusion.

What happens at the end of the trial period?

Who knows...

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