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Donnelly & Mulcrome


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It’s the same company, Donnelly was the company name and John Mulcrone was the owner, he had four sons, John, Raymond, David and Danny, I worked there for a few years, it was a very harsh place to work, me being just seventeen, but I absolutely loved it. I went to school with Danny, I know his three brothers are dead and the last I heard Danny was living in Lincoln. I earned fifteen pounds odd per week but I worked sixty hours a week, Mr Mulcrone , we called him John, worked along side us and if you walked on the firm you would have thought he was just a worker.

The firm was sold, demolished and students flats built on the site, I worked there from around 1961 to 1964, happy days.

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Hi Steve. I knew your grandad very well and also Mary that he was married to. I used to work with him for about 5 years. After work we would go to the pub and play darts. I have fond memories of him and all the family. 

Best wishes

Paul Russell


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