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Turkey For Tea?

El Cid

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We didn't have a turkey this year - we had a huge capon and a smaller joint of pork - but the principle is the same. Tons and tons of poultry and  meat... that just goes on.... forever!!


The meat and poultry that we had this year did 4 family members for a big, slap-up Christmas dinner. We then  had 7 family members round on Boxing Day - for the traditional "cold meat and pickles" spread. I did bubble & squeak fry-up - with cold sliced capon and pork the next day. On the 28th,the pork was done, but there was still plenty of capon left, which really had to be used up that day. I ended up batch-cooking for the freezer that day.  I made 2 quite large capon, ham & mushroom pies - and a huge vat of soup - about 8 servings - from the capon carcass and remaining meat - with tons of vegetables and some stock.


The main problem now is trying to make room in the freezer to fit it all in!



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