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Id like to identify a film i saw as a kid. Is there anyone who knows an eastern european film with subtitles - maybe Polish or Czech Republic altho it was Czecoslovakia then - about a boy who tries to save a carp from being killed at Christmas by putting it into the local swimming pool?

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On a whim I googled that - The Big Fish ?


THE BIG FISH (1955) A Czech entry (with English narration dubbed over in that annoying Oskar, Kina/Legends of Tim Tyler way) featuring ferryman’s son Jirka (you heard), who has a pet carp, which gets attacked by a pike. With the villagers’ help, they finally catch it, though. This went on for an hour, you can imagine the padding they had to put in.




alternatively the carp at xmas thing is apparently a Polish tradition


Good luck in  finding it

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