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Salts Drink Shop Attercliffe Common


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I think I can help with this one. The Salts , George and Eva were my grandparents. They had 4 children, Vera, Alan, Norma, and Sandra as mentioned in Carbrook lad’s post. Sadly all now deceased.

It was a general sweets and drinks shop, Great place for a kid to grow up, The family had links to other businesses in the area. My great uncle had a tobacconists across the road, in the yard next to the then derelict Burns hotel, another was the landlord of the commercial hotel on the other corner of Weedon St . My great grandfather William Salt had the Pheasant inn.

 I remember most of the shops either side of the sweet shop, Ronnie barbers, Fox’s general store, George Banks builders, Bessies sandwich shop, the bookmakers ,( I can remember the name) etc.

Sadly I don’t think any photos survive.

Geeat days 

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1 hour ago, Clab said:

Hi this is also my Grandparents shop, so Darwen 02 must be my cousin 

Hi Clab - welcome to the Forum! I don't know if you have access to the 1939 Register - if not you may like to see your grandparents' details: 661-Attercliffe.jpg

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