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Nuhiu In Court


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When it rains it always seems to pour.Here is another owl who was
charged .....and convicted!At Sheffield Magistrates Court between
November 6 and 9.2019.
Atdhe Nuhiu:Aged 30,of ********* ****,*******,driving while using a
hand-held mobile phone,£660 fine,£151 costs,disqualified for holding
or obtaining a driving licence for six months......a quarter of a
day's wages?
That's a bit of bad luck for the Austrian/Albanian/Kosovan or whatever
he decided to be in the end,international football player.
I have come across big Dave on a cuppla occasions about a year or so
ago.The first time was when I was with our old friend,cuttsie,one
afternoon on Union Street.I wanted to have a chat with Dave but
cuttsie got cold feet so the moment passed.cuttsie is usually not slow
in coming forward.cuttsie and me often met at the crappy new market on
the Moor and over a cuppa and nibbles we used to chat on football
matters...its not as if we knew much.
The next time I met big Dave was near the Redgates building that has
recently been pulled down.He was to be meeting his missus.I decided we
were going to have a short chat,whether he wanted one or not lol.He
came across as a friendly easy going polite person and I was surprised
he could speak some german among other languages.If I meet him again
I'll remind him not to endanger the life's of others with his phoning/
drive actions.
This isn't a wind up post,but to be fair,cmonkes,a Blade,did bring to
our attention the thread..Ollie McBurnie charged with drink
driving.Iv'e always found Blades on the Forum to be fair,well informed
and intelligent.I have waited a few weeks to give Owls on here the
chance to mention the Nuhiu case,but it seems to be the usual heads
buried in the sand thing hoping nobody notices.Its not as if I'm the
only person to have noticed the item in the newspappers is it?
In fairness to myself please note I didn't give Big Dave's address.
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Nuihu in Court.


Thanks Nervy. When I put the post on originally it was on the...Owls to be Charged...thread. One of the Mods then saw fit to move my post to a thread of its own. I'm okay with that. It's a case of mind over matter, I don't mind so it doesn't matter.


Anyway, Nuihu can afford the fine he's only on  £13,000 per week excluding bonuses.


Just thought it was a good job he was driving his black 4x4 instead of a big blue bus eh, Dave..lol.

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