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Is Our NHS in Safe Hands?

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4 hours ago, the_bloke said:

https://wwwmedia.supplychain.nhs.uk/media/Toilet-Paper-FAQs-FINAL.pdf is from the supply chain link above. If you read it, you'll see it took the NHS 2 YEARS to create a Paper Hygiene Products Framework to determine the specification for toilet paper. Going back to my earlier post, this is not efficient or value for money. Ultimately, after the meetings and collective tea drinking, it turns out they can save 13% on loo roll by buying as a collective.


Does this mean that before 2016 no one did this? Obviously not, if this is to go by:




'One trust spent £32 on a 100-pack of toilet rolls while another paid more than double – £66 – for the same item.'


Seriously? Who signed off on that decision?


I'm amazed it takes a committee 2 years to come up with a scheme for toilet paper.

This sort of thing is ridiculous, but probably all too common. 

Whoever was responsible should have to explain themselves publicly, and heads should roll.

But the more managers you get, the more they can pass the buck and hide behind one another. 


Cut managers and you cut bureaucracy.




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In the early 80’s I worked in a local maternity hospital when during a really busy period there was a laundry strike. We were having to provide paper sheets and gown to labouring women and newborn babies and supplies were dwindling fast. In response to concerns A hospital manager shadowed my shift and concluded there was a manageable shortage but his only recommendation, based on my shortcoming, was to instigate signs in the laundry room to turn off lights on leaving

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