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Traffic Light Opinion/Clarification

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In Rotherham there is a junction where the road veers to the right with a left hand straight on "turn" that for reasons best known to the planning bods is light controlled.  I have always assumed that these lights are only for the side road and continued round even whe they were at red, however a couple of times recently I have been behind drivers who have stopped here when the lights were red then when they turned green continued round to the right.


So, who is right?  Those drivers or myself??


Here is the junction



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Id say they were for the main road. allowing cars to pull out of the side road (which is also light controlled).

Not much point in the side road being light controlled if the road its joining isnt.

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Stop for both directions. If you look on the white road markings (Although they are a little worn) there is a white line just before the lights. If the lights are on red you should stop at this line no matter which way you are going. The absence of any filter also confirms this. 

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 The lights are a definite instruction and should be followed. Without the lights traffic from Rotherham town centre couldn't safely cross the junction

Many years ago the Canklow road from the centre of Rotherham had priority then the bypass was built and the road priority was changed.

It would be safe turning left on red as there is no chance of an accident but you would be at risk of prosecution.

There is a section on Rotherham council's site where if you so wish you can report concerns about road markings and signage.


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The main road is the one that bends to the right and goes up  the hill (Alma Road) 

The left turn is a junction. The control line (although faded) is prior to that junction. 


If the light is red, you stop. Anyone not doing so liable for a minimum penalty of 3 points and £100 fine upto 6 points and £1000.


@Thorpist It's been reported a number of times, once by myself as I regularly drive through there, and it's been ignored. 

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