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You haven't given any details of specifically what the issue is but you could try some local solicitors to see if they will offer an initial appointment or some preliminary telephone advice.


At the very least they might be able to tell you straight whether or not you have any grounds for a case in the first place.


The days of an initial free half hour don't seem to be prominent these days but some of the the larger firms do have enquiry lines which you might be able to get some initial guidance from.


I don't want to go into default lawyer mode but I'm very sceptical of any of these free online services and even more wary of obtaining generic advice from anonymous people over internet forums.  It's an unfortunate fact but proper legal advice does cost money.   It is a skill and you need a suitable professional with training and qualifications to give it to you. 


In terms of help lines Irwin Mitchell, Thompsons Solicitors and maybe Unionline are ones that spring to mind. As I say, they can at least give you some guidance on whether you have any sufficient case before you start spending money.

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