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Bt Fault 4 Weeks Still Not Fixed


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Hello I was wondering if anyone else had been in a similar situation to what I am in regarding BT


4 weeks ago 9th Novemer my Phoneline and Broadband went off extremely poor slow internet and no landline I got in touch with BT on the 10th and was told engineers would have it fixed by the 12th november. Still not fixed I got in touch and told ''some faults turn out more complex'' its a loal network fault on the 13th I was told ''it looks like they hope to get this fixed today'' back and forth almost every day telling me the fault is bigger than they expected should be fixed by X day told it would be fixed by the 25th november still not fixed but engineers are working on it apparently it will be back on by the 6th of December and guess what its still not on....


I am truly disgusted because I keep getting told it will be fixed by a date and then they call me to tell me it will now be X date we are really sorry.... I've had no phone line and basically no internet its that slow (1.87mbps download & 0.30 upload)


I just feel so hopeless & annoyed :(

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BT have signed up to Ofcom's automatic compensation scheme.


BT details here.


Ofcom details here.


BT might try to fob you off because both services aren't completely down but the Ofcom page implies they are treated differently (the "If your landline and broadband both lose service at the same time, you will only receive one compensation payment." bit.). If you can get landline but not broadband from them then they must be separate services.

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 We had a problem similar to this,,of course I am not with BT, but the similarities to your problem are a very real. Our landline is digital and runs through the internet service. Anyway the service (Wi Fi  throughout the apt.)like yours was intermittent and would take the phone with it, sometimes I had to reboot , other times it would come back on it's own but the phone would not. After 2 or 3 weeks  of over the phone type "service" and no one coming to fix it my wife cancelled everthing we have with the company. Someone called back a few days later and wanted to know why, of course my wife told him in no uncrtain terms. As we had paid a month ahead  the service was still with us in a form of a notice period. The day after the phone call from their manager the service was normal and stayed that way for almost the full month, when another call came in asking if we wanted to reconsider, so we did but with resevations. However we have never had a repeat of the problem and it has been quite some time now. So, my friend tell  BT  to fix it or forget the account. It's amazing what threatening  to get your service elsewhere can do.

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Firstly go for the compensation mentioned above.


Secondly, BT say it's a "local" issue. I'd be asking if local means just you or an area of people. You could threaten to leave, or leave them. Problem with that is, if it is a local problem, other ISPs that use the BT infrastructure would possibly have the same issue.


I see that BT now offer a faster repair service if you pay more cash. They claim it's a better all round service but when you look at the nuts and bolts of it, it's the same speed etc, just a guaranteed fix time or they send you a 4G router.


It's now the 7th... did they fix it?


EDIT... It might be worth unplugging your phone and router from the BT socket and power, wait a few minutes then plug them back in to the BT socket then the power.

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4 hours ago, Snooker147 said:

Thank you for the replys! No it hasn't been fixed yet they have now told me it should be repaired by thr 9th .... I tried unplugging it and waiting still the same I can't tell you how frustrating it is lol

I think all those that have had the internet/phone go down already know and it isn't good.


I don't know how you're fixed mobile wise but on my last home move I bought a data add on for my phone then created a hotspot until the landline was sorted. It cost about £10 on the 3 network. I know you shouldn't have to but it can be handy for a quick fix to get you back online. (I'm on PAYG so had to add data rather than pay the 1p per MB they charge)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hello - WEEK 7 Update!


Still no Internet or Phoneline now at week 7...


Have spoke to the handler who is dealing with the fault Via Twitter and speaking to me on mobile every week now telling me the same thing that its a complex cable fault and they are replacing 450 metres of cabling it should be fixed by X date... 


I am just really stuck as to what I can do or say 7 weeks of no phone or internet they sent me a 4g box out of good will but that is awful very hit and miss sometimes and isn't exactly good enough for a family.


I have been told I will get compensation £8 a day from the 12th but I want my phone and broadband back on and working.

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I’m with BT and my landline was down but because I don’t use it much I didn’t realise until I had to use it. My internet however was fine. I reported it to BT and they said the fault was on their side. The fault has now been fixed after about a week after reporting it, but how much compensation can I claim if I dont know how long it’s been down ? Will BT know if I phone them ?

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