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Blades V Newcastle.

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12 hours ago, *_ash_* said:

I'm pretty sure weds forums, are saying play to the whistle, and laughing at this... but if this happened at Hillsbro, you would have the same debate. Same with Spurs game. I play snooker in the week with 3 Owls, and they all said same. Ruining the game. Whether it's right or not, isn't the point. It's completely changed the game, and ruined it for fans. I used to go to football to get away from the world for a few hours. Now it's ruined the game. (though not this entirely, but been on a slope for years)

I agree, I'm not disagreeing about it ruining the game so far. As fans we are never happy though. Newcastle fans would of been berating the lino for flagging wrongly, VAR stopped that but before it refs would get hell for wrong decisions so what's to do about it.

Personally I think it should be the ref going to the screen to look at a penalty claim or sending off not some people 50 miles away, at the moment the ref is no longer in charge it seems

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 Lets get back to the  days when the referee was in charge of the game, o.k you win some you lose some. We have not needed VAR for all these years why do we need it now. I fully agree with what CW says ,  and while i,m on this rant lets get back to three o,clock kick off,s on a saturday afternoon with the occassional game in midweek. It,s really p.....g me off.

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20 hours ago, *_ash_* said:

So why didn't the Newcastle players all not continue running up the field knowing that if Henderson stops it/saves it, but the ball stays in. They could have been 4 on 1. (also, why did the player look to the linesman when running up to goal? what's the point if he was told to ignore it?)


The linesmans should just not bother flagging at all. It serves no purpose based on this, and other decisions.


Either way, VAR has made this season all round, a bleedin joke. I even skip through most of match of the day now. It's no longer watching 2 teams playing football (which is what I want to watch), it's just a bizarre decision that decides who wins.



VAR today has rescinded a RED card for Basham today. First positive for us after 16 games

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