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London Terror Attack 29/11/2019

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A stabbing attack on London Bridge is being treated by police as "terror-related", the Met has said.

The police said they were called to a stabbing just before 14:00.

A number of people were stabbed and one man has been shot by police, the force said.


Earlier, BBC reporter John McManus said he saw a fight on the bridge, with several men attacking one man. Police then arrived quickly and a number of shots were fired at the man, he said.

The Met said the circumstances surrounding the incident remained unclear but it was treating it as terror-related as a "precaution".










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2 hours ago, BobOfRoth said:

Its probably some poor mentally ill soul who has lost their way in life.

What a way to end up.

I hope anyone injured makes a full and speedy recovery and RIP to the dead man. 

It seems like two of his victims have died. They are the only ones who deserve to RIP.

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