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David Duckenfield Found Not Guilty

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Posts have been removed. Any further posts victim blaming WILL result in your account being suspended. We've warned on this many times in many of these threads. All end up blocked because people cannot help themselves.

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I feel the verdict is correct, going on the evidence etc I’ve read. 

however, I feel deeply sorry for the families of the 96. They aren’t going to get what they desperately wanted (and many would say deserved) and that’s for someone to be found guilty of the deaths of their loved ones. They know what happened, they know the fans were not responsible, but they will live the rest of their lives with some anger and resentment at being let down by our justice system. It should NEVER have taken 30 years to get someone in court on these charges, perhaps if the coverups hadn’t taken place and a trial had taken place all hose years ago the outcome may have been different. 

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39 minutes ago, dan2802 said:

I agree. The poor man can now enjoy the rest of his life.

He's been dragged through this twice. Enough is enough.

I totally agree.

It really is now time for all of  this to be put to bed.

Of course I feel nothing but sympathy for those who died but enough is enough now after all these years. Let them rest in peace now.

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This has gone on far to long.  Let those that lost their lives rest in peace and let this man live his.  Those families have suffered and will continue to do so as they didn't  get the outcome that they wanted.  Whether what this man did was right or wrong he did what he thought best at the time, how many times do we all do that then look back later to see that things could have been very different.  I think he has been punished enough and now deserves to move on.  I feel for those that lost their lives and the families that have to live everyday with this but it's time now to move forward the best way that they can.

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