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Areas To Live With Easy Access To Sheffield Children's Hospital


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Hi ,


I will be moving to Sheffield from New Zealand next year to work at Sheffield Children's Hospital and I am wondering about which area to move to. I will be renting at first. Does anyone know if Crookes is a decent place to live and if I can get into work easily?  Are there any decent areas to live within walking distance to the hospital? 


Thanks for any advice in advance :)

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Crookes is very popular and full of people who work in the hospitals (inc. SCH) as are nearby Crosspool and Walkley.

The majority of housing is older and smaller terrace. 

Buses every few minutes(£2)

Walk downhill in 15 minutes. Uphill 20.

Cycleshed available.

Plenty of amenities /access to countryside.

Student population in the area is reducing so more properties available.


There is an Annexe  of the Children's even closer to Crookes at Ryegate. This deals mainly with child development.


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Welcome to Sheffield!!! We moved here 20+ years ago and it won our hearts. Hope you will be just as happy.


We know people who walk from Nether Edge -- about 40 minutes away. Worth a look if you want a quieter, leafier neighbourhood. Crookes is more lively. Depends on lifestage and personal preference, both really good choices though.


When we were househunting ages ago, we also came across a couple of houses tucked into  back streets around Children's Hospital, literally a couple of minutes away. Don't know what the neighbourhood is called, but worth keeping an eye out. It's probably <15 homes there, so you'd be lucky if any were available, but you never know.


One word, if you're coming soon, beware that Sheffield in winter can be a bit glum. But wait until you see it in the sunshine!



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