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Purse Found In Rotherham Area

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If you or anyone you know has lost a purse with a substantial amount of cash along with a debit card please message me and tell me how much is in it and the name on the card and Ill get it back to you right away.If I dont hear anything by tomorrow lunch time Ill be handing it in to the Police on Main street.

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What happens if you hand it in at the police station, and you don`t hear anything? 


As the purse contains a  bank card, I would be contacting the branch of the bank that the card is from. You could leave your details with the bank for the customer to contact you.

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The bank will do nothing. But you could try calling them.


I'd also phone the police with the details. Tell them that I’d drop it in when I had time, or invite them to collect. Then hang onto it, hoping that the owner would come forward.


In six months time, I’d give the cash to a charity.



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