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Quality Bakers In Sheffield - Where Is The Best Sourdough?

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last couple of weeks have started hunting for the most pleasant bread (specifically sourdough) in Sheffield.   Between all supermarkets, for my palate the best sourdough was either the Tesco or the M&S San Francisco sourdough.  Better than Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Morrisons.


First tried the Seven Hills Bakery, in Sharrow Vale.   Good sourdough, although not so strong - only one or two variants.  Theu have a quite nice vegetable section, and they have table for a sadswich or pie snack at lunchtime.


Secondly, this morning went to the Forge Bakehouse in Abbeydale Road, and must say that I found it of a high standard.  Four or five types of sourdough  (plus many other wholemeal breads), several smaller sizes  (just had some with fresh tomatoes and EVO).  Plus a very decent patisserie selection, from krapfen to pies , turnovers etc.   All fresh.    And they have tables for lunchtime snacks etc.


Now looking for others to try,  so far  my option n.1 is the Forge BH.

Best wishes


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Gerrys bakery on South Rd, Walkley. 

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