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Incident Spotted At Spital Hill / Savile Street Junction


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I have just seen multiple ambulances and lots of police on the junction at the Wicker Arches. Does anyone know what has happened? I'm genuinely concerned. I only drove past it 10 minutes ago. 

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That junction rewards and encourages dangerous driving.


If I'm leaving the city centre via Derek Dooley Way at this junction and cane it at 40mph or above, I WILL make it through the green lights at the Spital Hill / Savile St junction . . . just as they turn from amber to red.


However, if I leave that same junction at 30mph, or more likely at 20mph 'cos I'm stuck behind some slow-driving numpty, I'll reach the junction on red and have wait, ooh, no more than one minute for the lights to change again. 

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Absolute death trap this junction, hate it.  Seen plenty of accidents here, and thats just me passing thru to meadowhall of an evening every so often.

Thought if a black spot had a spike in accidents then action was taken? like cameras or junction rethink?

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