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Wba V Wednesday

bassett one

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22 minutes ago, bassett one said:

THIS IS  a intresting game,could we win it?

 Why not, we have a full strength squad to pick from.  My forecast for the last two games is still on track and although mathematically you are better winning one and losing one  i personally think most would have taken draws against our last two opponents,  1-1 for me.  

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Like to see the team selection from Monk now most of the squad is fully fit,will he chose Fletcher with some quick player working with him,or stick with Fletcher & Nuihu,most of the fans prefer Forsteri with Fletch,like to see the Centre Half choice as most players in this position are playing well,so just can"t wait to see what Monk goes with

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2 hours ago, bassett one said:

i cannot work out that rhodes helped norwich to win the league,and they said he was a main part,can all of a sudden be not good enough for us,

how come rhodes is terrible for us,but a great player for all the other teams hes played in?

it just seems strange

He scored 11 goals (inc 4 against Chesterfield) and tended to come on as a very late sub, hardly earth shattering.

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