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Quiet Eateries?


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Can anyone recommend their favourite restaurants which aren't noisy please?  I'm going out with a group of friends, three of whom have hearing difficulties  (I know, get new friends, eh? 😉


We struggle to find places which are not all wooden floors, hard surfaces or tall rooms which make conversations difficult.  I'd love for us to be able to go somewhere where we can have a normal, non-shouty conversation while we eat.  Any cuisine, any reasonable price range. 

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Check out the app called SoundPrint.


It's like Yelp for quiet restaurants. Users take sound measurements of restaurants when they visit and it builds up a database based on real input.


There aren't many users in Sheffield yet so the data is a little thin. Please download and start using it so we can find the quiet places. (I'm not in any way associated with the app.)

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