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Relocating To East Coast

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Many of the caravan sites on the east coast are not year round occupation. You would have to move out for part of the winter months. If you want to make a caravan your permanent home you might need to look for a residential site. 

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16 minutes ago, *_ash_* said:

A campervan sounds best. You could use sites when in season, then go to France or something, in Winter.



Spain rather than France in winter - we live 3/4 of the way down France and we've had our first frosts. Plus very few sites open between October and April.


The ukcampsite forums are a good source of info about continental sites;




and has a lot of user reviews of Spanish sites.




Also loads of info about vans / sites etc in the UK.




https://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/county.asp?region=East Anglia

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Buying somehwere is a doddle but check out the site rules.
We;ve bought a cabin in the North East but we must have a residential postal address elsewhere and also vacate through the whole of February. ( Neither as a problem for us as we still live and work in Sheffield).

As for work just apply for what you want  - it isn't as easy at "holiday locations" as the work is often mainly seasonal.

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