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Built In Wardrobes

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On 19/11/2019 at 00:03, spider1 said:

This is your man got a factory full . Fits and sorts lot out 07903524699 . His work is spot on  

Cant compare him to ikea they are a joke in comparrison

Guess about 2 000 pounds for a bedroom but you could go to his place in rothertham  and buy 

and use your own fitters 



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On 20/11/2019 at 21:45, tinfoilhat said:

Yeah, mother got this lot in, did a decent job. Cheaper than sharpes!

What- even after the 'half price' sale and if you sign now I'll give you another 20% off and just let me call my supervisor and see if I can get you another 20% off? That'll be £6k 

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I have used Nankivells in different properties over the years - I always go back there as first choice. I think the most expensive we've spent is about £3,500 for wardrobes with 3 massive soft-close sliding doors that were about 2.5m high... the least about £1,000 for a much shorter 2 door (still glass and sliding) wardrobe... the key thing is the quality of the work on offer here. It's top-notch in all of my experience and - yes, I admit it - I always ask for the same Fitter (which I should not do, but I prefer to wait until he's got a slot).


I've recommended them to a friend and they got a large wardrobe in for a price that was £1,000 less than Sharps for the exact same specification! Exact. Sharps then kept phoning my friend up, offering small discount after small discount (just as described above, play-for-play) - they cannot even remotely compete because of their business model. Their Fitters are mostly sad that they end up working for Sharps. Give the guys at Nankivells a go... if you spend enough you get a bouquet of flowers... ha! I don't think you'll regret it.


They don't just do wardrobes... they'll turn their hand to any storage solution, and kitchens (not used them for that, yet).


P.S. - just mentally totted-up what we've spent with Nankivells over the years and over the properties - it's a lot more than £10,000... don't regret any of it.


P.S. - Sharps, I've heard, make a big deal of laying on carpet... they want to rip it up and they did this to my friend's sister - badly, leaving frayed edges... Nankivells will lay onto carpet if you ask them to - I always do and I've never, touch wood, had a problem.

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