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Mini Beer Week 20-23/11

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Next week sees a number of beery events, tap takeovers and meet-the-brewers




Freigeist TTO/MTB  at the Rutland. One of Germany's most innovative breweries, the event features Gose, wild fermentation sours, Berliner Weisse, etc as well as bottles of eisbock stout and historic German styles. Brewer Sebastian will be there in the evening after brewing a Berliner Braunbier during the day.




Lervig TTO/MTB at the Crow. One of Norway's finest are here with a range of their brews including Rum Barrel Aged Three Bean Stout and a selection of sour and hoppy numbers.


Heist & Friends at Industry Tap. Two lines each from Austmann (Norway), Balkezes (Hungary), Horizont (Hungary) and Lumi (Finland), and of course Heist themselves




We've Got Wood at the Shakespeare, a mini-fest dedicated to barrel-aged beers.


Winter Beer Fest at the Sheaf View


Lawsons Finest Liquids showcase at Brewdog


Best start training my liver now...

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