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Traffic Gridlock In Nw Sheffield This Morning 14/11/2019

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Does anyone know what, if anything specific, caused the appalling traffic in NW Sheff this morning ?


The gridlock in Oughtibridge was caused by works outside the ex St Christopher's garage, I know about that.

But it was appalling going through Worrall, a solid, but moving, queue in both directions.

Then it was backed right up Wadsley lane as far as Marlcliffe Rd, again not unknown.

I then discovered (because I park on the country side of the tram  gates on Middlewood Rd using my parking permit)  it was also backed up along Middlewood Rd - going out bound - as far as Minto Rd ! Incredibly it was also backed up city bound way past the same point ! There were huge queues at all the tram stops.

Slightly earlier in the day my wife said traffic along Middlewood Rd North was backed up (city bound) as far as the (ex) Middlewood tavern and just not moving at all.....

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From Sheffield Online...





Apologies everyone we've had to close Leppings Lane this am to remove significant tree debris from the River Don prior to heavier rain forecast later today⚠️One lane is open inbound but its closed outbound. We will reopen it as soon as we can #Sheffield 🌧️

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