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Viruses Doing The Rounds

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Ughh I am hoping it is on its way out I started feeling sniffly friday night remained the same until monday morning when I woke up with ache's all over sneezing and start of a sore throat and a fever going really hot then freezing its now Thursday the aches have about gone and the sore throat doesn't seem to bad no sniffles been making sure I eat plenty and drink a lot and I have being gargling apple cider vinegar and drinking cinnamon I think it has helped a lot with cold & flu tablets

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I haven't heard of any confirmed cases of 'flu yet - you've probably had the nasty cold that many people, including me, have had.

Hope you feel better soon.

When you are better make sure you get your 'flu jab.


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Has anyone had the awful virus doing the rounds. I've got an awful hacking dry cough and that's all I do cough, cough, cough. A temperature, feel weak, aching etc.etc. 


Any recommendations for getting rid? Don't want to waste doctors time and take up an appointment someone else could need a lot more than me


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Guest makapaka
16 minutes ago, Baron99 said:

Boil some water.  Let it cool so that it doesn't burn your mouth.  Pour water into a pint glass or similar & add 3 teaspoons of salt.  Gargle until all the water has gone.  Repeat every 4 hours. 


Salt water will kill off any germs. 

This won't work - it will taste awful though.


I've had a cold recently too - took paracetamol until it went.

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I like to get lots of citrus fruit in then chop some up put in a glass, heat water while hot, pour over the fruit let it stew for a few minutes, then add honey. This always works for me whenI have cold. Also Olbas oil on pillow helps clear your nasal passages.

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