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The Joke Shop, Rockingham St.

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I wonder if anyone can recall with experiences of The Joke Shop in Rockingham St, just off The Moor?   A lad from our street, the much lamented Roger Knight, was a devotee, spending his ample pocket money on stink bombs, itching powder and farting cushions.  What about you? What was your favourite jape?  Did you get the slipper in class for trying out a new "joke"?    And who was the owner? What happened to it?  


Answers please !

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One of my work colleagues got the office manager with an "exploding teaspoon" - a simple spring-loaded affair hidden under the bowl, with a toy gun cap for effect.

We all heard it go off in the kitchen, and a few minutes later the victim walked into our office... and never mentioned it, then or afterwards.

The spoon had disappeared, and was never seen again.

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Don't remember the one on Rockingham Street but I remember Theatrical Supplies at the bottom of the Moor in the early/mid 60's. They were purveyors of stink bombs and other childish prank materials.  They sold some packets of little tablets which when inserted into a cigarette were supposed to emit a cloud of snowflakes after the cig was lit. Didn't work. We sneaked one into a fag belonging to our history teacher, no snowflakes but the fumes nearly choked him. Pastilles like Jelly Tots that came in soap or hot mustard flavour were quite funny in a one hit wonder kind of way.

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