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Vehicle Speeding On M1

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I’m not sure if this was just an ordinary idiot driver or a public service idiot driver.

Heading north on the M1,I was in the outside lane overtaking a line of cars,doing a comfortable 70 mph.

A grey car ,possibly a Seat saloon joined the M1 from the Rotherham junction and within seconds had flown across all the lanes and was sitting on my bumper.

He was gesticulating for me to move over which I could not without cutting up cars in the next lane.

Just an idiot perhaps,but he then put on 2  small flashing blue led lights which were positioned either side of his number plate.

I suspect these were just some chavs toy.

I did move over as soon as I safely could but is there any way this could be some car entitled to have flashing blue lights.

Even if so he still drove like an idiot.


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Well some unmarked Q cars in S Yorks and Derbyshire are grey BMWs with small blue flashing LEDs but a SEAT ? No, I don't think so.  But I have noticed a rise in recent years in pretend emergency vehicles with sirens, horns and even alternating flashing headlamps. Trouble is with an absent Police Force these idiots can easily get away with it.    I think you were wise not to "take him on" but I do advise you spend a small amount of cash on a dashcam, or better still, two dashcams to cover front and rear. Then you can submit the evidence on-line to the relevant police force.  They might even get off their arse and follow it up. 

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8 minutes ago, lottiecass said:

You have just met the regional or serious crime squad, they were at Halifax road last week and blocked the city bound side under the bridge, complete with the small blue lights on an X 5. 

Do they solve or commit offences.

Where were blue lights situated?

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