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Taking Post Parcels Back

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well it seems mr postie cant leave with a neighbour ? surely there can be a system ,better than this,my old post lady always said know your round and you dont take anything back or rarely ,but shes retired,the other week we had parcel and letter swops in the street,it needs sorting ,it seems they cannot even get addresses right,

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2 hours ago, Top Cats Hat said:

Or were in, but the postie couldn’t be arsed to wait for the door to be answered.

Got to say our Postie is brilliant.  If it's a parcel that can be left he will leave it with a neighbour.  He looks out for everyone's homes and rang the emergency services when he feared for someone's well being.  Rightly so as the lady in question was in her nineties and had fell and broken her hip.

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1 minute ago, Top Cats Hat said:

We don’t have a postie anymore. 

The two women we had for years were brilliant and would even give me my mail if I was on my way to the park with the dog. Now we seem to have a different postie every week.

We've had our postie for about 20 years and even when he's off we've had the same stand in postie for quite a while.

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