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Multiple Url's In Spreadsheet - Help!

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Greetings everyone!


Can anyone help? First, I am a complete beginner with sreadsheets so please be aware when replying.


The Problem

I have a list of urls for art which I need to input into my spreadsheet. They need to be exported as a file for bulk uploading in XML format. I was advised to create the XML in notepad for amendment but the problem is all of the URL's need inputting manually and when I have 600 it's worse pain than listening to Madonna sing American Pie!

So, as an example I have:











The headings are all the same but it's only the url that changes. I have heard the solution is a hyperlink such as =hyperlink (C2) and referencing the data from another cell for inputting the URL's but there's a problem. The list of Url's is not sequential. It's okay if I have B1,B2, B3 but mine aren't. They are in different cells. For example, A15, A35, A64.

So, how is it done?

Other points:


  • Do the Url's need to be copied and pasted into the spreadsheet or can they be read directly from my dropbox or other image hoster?
  • Why is it when there is additional information in a cell does linking using the hyperlink function not pick anything up as regards the url link to the image?


Thank you.




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As you say you are a beginner have you thought of taking a short course, Northern College do an Introduction to Spreadsheets course.


Introduction to Spreadsheets


Course Description:

Use a computer to produce numerical based documents, such as simple accounts, using a variety of formulas and then produce graphs and charts.

For more information please visit the Short Course page on our website

Course Fee: £45*

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Sent you a PM - ignore it. Does this quote help from MS forum?:


"Clickability" changed from Excel 2003 to Excel 2007.  Consider the case of a very wide column and a very short "friendly name"

In 2003, the entire cell appreaded "hot".  In 2007, only the "friendly name" portion of the cell is "hot"."



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