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West Ham V Blades


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Another good result on the road. Still unbeaten away, and Mousset continuing to impress! 


Both sides had chances, and we were unlucky not to score more in that second half! 


7th in the table after 10 games and good value for it! 



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1 hour ago, Hotmale 1954 said:

Alright result I suppose, but a poor game yet again ...........

Ooops! what am I saying, I don't watch United or Match Of The Day?


A point at West Ham looks ok.

7th in the Table looks ok too.

Did I touch a nerve with my comments about Wednesday or something? 😂 


You're right though in more or less everything you've said though to be fair! But unlike you not watching the Blades, I did watch the Owls V Leeds, an hour and a half of my life I won't get back! 

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Good point on the road, terrible soul less ground, make Milton Keynes look good!


Baldock needs to spend the next seven days practising shooting from close range!


7th in the Premier League, who'd have ever thought that 3 years ago.......

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A good point on the road for us, Snodgrass likes scoring against us and wouldn't come to us when we wanted him.  We need a little fine tuning but the effort to win and keep a clean sheet is always there, Good team spirit throughout and its a big asset

Keep up the workrate and strive for the top three


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I thought before the season started that we would struggle to pick points up away from home but we're coping fine and were good value for the draw yesterday.

We probably do need to start taking more of our chances but these are good times to be a Blade.

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Strike force is a bit worrying. Looks like we're going to be ok playing against teams who have lots of foreign fancy  dans in their teams and who don't " like it up em" but I've a feeling we might find clubs like Burnley, for example, more of a challenge.


Down to eighth now, who'd have thunk it.


Over a  quarter of the season gone and table starting to take shape. Bottom three starting to get cut adrift. At this point Watford and Naaarich look doomed.


Charlie Nicholas , who covered our match on Saturday for Sky Sports responding  to a question as to where we'd  finish in May replied " bottom six but I think they'll survive".


I hope we finish higher than bottom six, but i'll take survival.


McBurnie needs to start scoring. Also looking forward to LukeFreeman playing more he looks a class act, but midfield currently doing well, so his chances may be limited. 


Also not seen seen much of Osborne, another expensive defender.

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