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Sypte Journey Planner


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In an idle moment I thought I would go to the journey planner and see what was recommended for this Saturday when the tram service is suspended (see other discussions)


Now as some will know the journey planner was designed to allow travelers to plan the optimum route and times and encourage people to use public transport and it was intended (perhaps not by SYPTE but certainly by government) that it could respond to planned disruption so I wish I could say I was surprised that on the SYPTE home page there is no mention of the tram suspension unless you notice the small box under disruptions which I am sure most people would assume are showing  today's problems and not the suspension of the tram in the future and would therefore most likely miss. Then use the journey planner (many will go straight there and not via the home page) and search for your journey and lo and behold the site pretends there is a normal tram service all Saturday.


Now the PTE will say they have publicisied the tram suspension but of course many will not be aware especially if they are making a trip to Sheffield  and one might have thought that they would remove the tram options so that the journey planner is what it was intended to be - a tool for passengers to plan a journey after all you search by the date and time of travel and not by weekday/Saturday/Sunday

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I did not check the Supertram journey planner but tried it just now (11.31on Saturday) and it was not working it would not let me input start and finish points and don't use apps myself


I would imagine that most intending travelers would use the PTE site unless they knew their journey would be by stagecoach bus or tram


It is a shame that the PTE have so little consideration for the traveling public and can not be bothered to deliver the journey planner as it was intended which back in the mid 90s when railway first introduced it was specifically to allow for planned changes such as engineering to be input hence the search by day and time and not the generic timetable. Then due to its success the journey planner concept was extended by the Department of Transport to include local transport



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