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Solved - Slow Broadband

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I thought I would share a solution to a my slow broadband which had a rather unusual solution.

A 40 megabitsofflipflop was working fine for a year or two when it suddenly collapsed to one megaflipflopbits.

TalkTalk answerd and passed it on to BT.

Engineer recognised that there was no functioning  telephone Master socket, just a boge job by a builder.

Recent fibre work on our road rendered this builders shortcut useless. 

Thanks BT and TalkTalk.

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Where was this 40 megabitsofflipflop located? I know nothing about computers or broadband engineering, just interested. Your post rang a bell with me because my broadband was very slow when I first signed up and then after my complaining for 3 months the Talk Talk engineer changed the BT wall socket and the speed went up from 5 to 13, which is plenty fast enough for me. 

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