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Your Doc And Sleeping Tablets.

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I have the greatest respect for the medical prefession whatever their role.

There is a long list of things to do, and things to avoid in respect of aiding sleep. I think I must have tried most of them.

You go to bed tired at 11.30pm  and sleep straight away. Then, somewhere  between 4am and 6am you wake up feeling shattered and cannot get back to sleep.

It goes on for months and the doc still declines when you ask for sleeping tabs-even if only for one month supply, or does he/she ?

However, if you ask for anti-depressants or pain killers no problem.

What are your experiences of this? Why is there such a variation between docs?

Is your insomnia at a chronic level and you're not getting help. Or, have you found the perfect fix for your early morning waking?


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Insomnia is often linked to stress so the doctor will probably want to investigate that avenue first.


I'm not sure how long sleeping tablets are effective for, it's probably not advisable to take one at 6am as they might be still active when you need to get up and go about your business.

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I know a few people who have sleeping problems and none of them are prescribed sleeping pills.


As geared has pointed out, sleeping problems are a symptom of deeper issues and just doling out very addictive benzodiazepines is no more effective than giving strong painkillers to someone with bad gall stones without tackling the root cause of their pain.


My understanding is that cognitive behavioural therapy is very effective in these situations, but unfortunately NHS therapy services are in very short supply and a couple of people I know have ended up going private! 😳

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Yes that is right. I wasn't impressed at all. In fact I was quite annoyed.


I am surprised you had that sort of treatment for arthritis. Did the docs not believe you?  How did you end up going in that direction?

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I get the impression that GPs are more bothered by the general guidelines given to them about any addictive medication rather than looking at each person as an individual.


I agree that sleep problems are usually caused by other issues... but, a good sleep pattern can also be a good step to fixing some of these problems. Good luck with trying to get that point across to your GP!

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