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Usb Virus Scanner (Livecd?)


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Hi all, can anyone recommend a solution where I can scan a USB drive for potential viruses without using a live Windows OS. I'm thinking like a LiveCD type scenario that I can boot into, get the latest definitions and then scan a USB drive.


I've found a few solutions that either don't work (Kaspersky Rescue CD, Dr Web) and also one that looks like it would but I cant boot into it (Comodo Rescue Disk).


Anyone any ideas?


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Whatever you choose you need to make sure you disconnect any other hard drives from your system.


Because if you boot from a live CD or USB and you plug the stick in, the virus could potentially still spread to other drives on the machine.


I've always found Sophos to be good, it scans a drive and disinfects it if there's anything bad on it.

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I've never had an issue running Comodo Rescue CD as a CD not on memory stick - it bypasses Windows altogether when I have run it on other people's machines and dealt with any nasties successfully. I would still follow alckresearch's advice on disconnecting anything else that could get infected.

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