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Working In Middlewood


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I am a professional coming to work in Middlewood  in January 2020.
As I currently live in Cumbria and I have never been to Sheffield I would like to know where would be best to search for accomodation so I could commute to work in up to 30 mins time.
I would first like to rent a house/room/studio so buying is not yet an option.
Also I would like to know what areas to avoid in general as I value my personal safety. 
Lastly if someone would be kind to tell me about what things I can do for leisure in Sheffield area?

Thanks to everyone kind to reply!

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You should easily get somewhere to  rent in Hillsborough which is a reasonable area, very close to Middlewood - a few mins by car or tram or walkable  easily within half an hour. Also easy to access the town centre, Meadowhall shopping centre etc

Regarding leisure - whatever your interests or hobbies are, you will be able to find them in Sheffield.

You will soon make friends here - we are generally a friendly bunch - look forward to you joining us !

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Plenty of accommodation in Middlewood, roughly the same price as Hillsborough if not a touch cheaper.

Stay away from Winn Gardens, that estate is a dump.  There's a relatively new development across the road that decent though.


If you're willing to travel 30 mins you can also look at any of the little villages along the valley, Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe Side, Deepcar and the little town of Stocksbridge all have good links to Middlewood on the Supertram Link bus which runs every 10 mins or so.

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There's Wadsley Park Village which is a relatively new estate right in Middlewood (a couple of mins walk from Middlewood tram stop).


It's got a mix of houses and flats with rental opportunities and is a pretty nice estate. I rented a flat there for a while when I first moved to Sheffield myself and found it very convenient and pleasant. I haven't moved very far from there actually as I really like the NW area of sheffield.


Leisure wise from that area it's easy to get to Stocksbridge either by driving or on the Stocksbridge Supertram link bus where there are shopping and dining opportunities as Fox Valley. There are also multiple gyms and a lovely swimming pool at the community run Stocksbridge Leisure Centre. 


It's also really easy to get in to town on the tram where there's obviously shopping, eating out, a cinema etc. If you stay on the tram you can get round to Valley Centertainment where there's cinema, bowling, indoor mini golf, restaurants. After that you get to Meadowhall which is a big shopping centre. Also easy to drive to these places from Middlewood if you prefer.


There's load of countryside accessible from Middlewood with lots of great walks to do as well.


Good luck with your move!

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The bits of Walkley which are not too far up the steep hill from the tram line would be a good option. Hillsborough is the easiest - plenty of rental houses and walkable to work. A city centre flat is also an option.


As always it depends on budget and what you want. You might find the house and area you really like are not well placed for the commute but you choose that option anyway.

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If you wanted to go Full Sheffield, and live in the city centre, that's always an option too.  The great thing about Middlewood is the excellent tram service. You can be in town in 15 minutes on the tram from Middlewood.  Lots of rental accommodation to choose from,  in the West Street area in particular if you want city centre hubbub.

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