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Catweazle's Back - Talking Pictures (C81)


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7 hours ago, Lex Luthor said:

Wasn't he a wrestler?

There was a wrestler called Catweazle his real name was Gary Cooper and  just adopted the name from the TV show.


1 hour ago, Norbert said:

Just looked at C81, Talking Pictures from now until next Wednesday, no sign of Catweasel, but at least there was a new documentary about Lindsey Anderson (O lucky Man, If) and some Robin's Nest for old times sake.


Catweazle begins on Talking Pictures TV on Saturday 2nd of November at 3:30pm & continues Saturdays & Sundays at the same time.

Read more: http://catweazle.boards.net/thread/261/catweazle-repeated#ixzz63AgIE2ce

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1 hour ago, SkyeEdge said:

Looking forward to this, I did watch it first time round but can't remember much.   TPTV is a fantastic channel 🙂

There's some great programme on there, I don't recall from the first time round.  Possibly never shown in the Yorkshire TV area.  I like British detective series 'Gideon's Way',  starring Jonh Gregson. 


It was on last night & TPTV always put a warning / disclaimer out beforehand stating some of the language, attitudes & view reflect the views of the time, late 1950's / early 1960's - fair enough, times have changed but really makes me laugh is the warning about violence. 


Are we considered more sensitive now than back in 1950's / 60's?  I don't think so but I suppose there's always someone ready to complain. 

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