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Sainsbury's To Stop Selling Fireworks

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  • nikki-red changed the title to Sainsbury's To Stop Selling Fireworks

Sainsbury's seem to be taking some praise for adopting this policy.


To be truthful I wouldn't be surprised if they've looked at the profit return on their investment into fireworks and thought it's not worth it.


That area of the shop can be used for something else that will give them a better return. 


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In the 70s we used to take my son to Graves Park to the bonfire and fireworks display. I believe it was run by the council. There were hundreds of people turned up for it but sadly it came to an end. I think this is a much safer option for children to enjoy bonfire night rather than buying them and setting them off themselves. We spend all year telling children not to play with fire then when November comes around it's ok for them to do just that. 

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i agree ,scc should and could run events like graves park,its the only way forward,they will say cuts,but i am sure the funfair areas and hotfood and drink would pay to cover these costs,,but there is a lot of rules and that could be the reason.but i remember graves park bonfire it was great.

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