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Councils Must Pay Millions For Win10 Upgrade

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On 19/10/2019 at 21:09, The Joker said:

If it's costing you the £££ millions to upgrade to the Windows 10, then you're doing it the wrong way.


I upgraded for the cost of the Zero

Windows Licencing for organisations and businesses are different to Consumer Licences. But you knew that right? ;)

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On 22/10/2019 at 10:12, alchresearch said:

Because 10 runs faster than 7 on older machines.  It certainly does on the netbooks and old Acer minis I have here.  Add an SSD and that makes even greater difference.




This is simply not true.    Windows 10 is tediously slow unless you have top notch hardware.   Trust me (well, you have no reason to of course!) but I have seen the effects of Windows 10 comparable to other operating systems on the same hardware and I can honestly tell you that Windows 10 is a hog.   However if you are a Windows users you can't get away from it, at all.

The issue is mainly disk speed - without an SSD as your boot device, you will hit bottlenecks and suffer from poor speeds on any Windows 10 machine when you try to do anything close to multitasking.    Even if the rest of your hardware is top notch, without a fast SSD you are going to suffer from a slow system.

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