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More Us Led Threats On The Internet .


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"The bill is called the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act, and the supporters of the bill want it passed by the end of this year.


The CASE Act would create an unaccountable, industry-friendly kangaroo court with the power to hand out $15,000 fines for:

  • Sharing a photo on Facebook that you didn't take.
  • Retweeting a meme you didn't create.
  • Downloading a photo you don't own.

Copyright trolls and powerful corporations would be able to bankrupt everyday Americans for just going online and doing regular stuff on the Internet.

Worse yet, the bill would give politicians, corporations, and government officials the power to censor speech by filing frivolous takedown notices in this newly empowered “small claims” court.2 If this law passes, videos comparing political candidates could be shut down for months and kept offline until after the election.

The bill is intended to ensure that artists and photographers can be fairly compensated for their work. But the law is drafted so poorly that it would have drastic unintended consequences. Unfortunately, because the bill is flying through Congress so fast, we need to make major noise right now to stop it.

The CASE Act is backed by some of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in Washington, D.C., and the bill has passed out of committee in the Democratic-led House and the Republican-led Senate.

By this time next year, you could be hit with $15,000 in fines for sharing a meme you didn't create, sharing a screenshot, or downloading a photo from Facebook."


Wonder if Brits will get extradited for non-payment of $15,000 fine? LOL!

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