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Fur Coat Valuation

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I thought there was going to be some mention of knickers in this thread, but I was wrong obviously.  (Apart from this one).


That's an unusual question actually, I think Jim's suggestion is a good one btw.  I suppose it's worth what someone wishes to pay for it.  I'd be tempted to look on the internet and see what they are selling for new and second-hand.  That might be a good way to quickly get an idea of what it's worth? 




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Since the Fur Paint Attacks on Models/People Wearing Fur, Years Ago and People stopped wearing Fur then Most adopted wearing Faux acrylic / Fake Fur instead.


The Result of this Action meant ' Fur no longer maintained a Value!'

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3 hours ago, Stranza said:

The animal has already died the OP isn't generating demand just getting rid of a useful still item.

Yes she is if she can sell she creatates a demand . / I had some a few years back worth nothing  there is still a very strong feeling felt guilty myself 

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