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Same Changing Room For Male/Female at Swimming Baths.

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1 minute ago, gaz 786 said:

It will provide them with a laugh if I don't wear a towel 😂😂😂😂😂

The thing is that it wouldn’t, as most people couldn’t give a monkey’s.


We still live in Victorian times with our attitude to the human body.

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14 minutes ago, Top Cats Hat said:

Most saunas in European hotels I have been in are not only mixed sex but also nude.


If you go in a sauna in Scandinavian countries and most of Holland, Belgium and northern Germany with a towel, you will get very funny looks. 🤣

My basis for the following isn’t scientific - something off the news quiz and a Confessions on radio 2 - but isn’t it illegal to wear anything in a German mixed sauna?

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3 minutes ago, tinfoilhat said:

but isn’t it illegal to wear anything in a German mixed sauna?

Not illegal but usually a breach of the rules.


If you take a towel into a sauna or steam room to hide your bits it ends up soaking wet so you need to use another one to dry off after your shower. Not good for the hotel’s laundry bill and not good for the environment. 😵


Go nude for the planet! 😉

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On 10/10/2019 at 17:39, willman said:

The last time i went to my local swimming baths it was all for one. Been to few different ones Barnsley Metro,Doncaster and local ones @ Clowne and Eckington some are and some aren't(integrated).

Really!  I might start going swimming again then.  😍 


Actually, I jest.  I'm not in favour of mixed changing rooms, or "gender-neutral" toilets for that matter.  I think some things are best left as "male" and "female".   I just think it's potentially embarrassing for both parties to be sharing a changing room or toilet - unless you live with them of course - in which case it's fine - as long as you put the toilet seat down afterwards.


I occasionally go for a swim down at Hathersage outdoor pool.  They have two blocks of changing cubicles, so, first time I went,  I assumed it was for male and female.   I saw women going in one side, so I went in the other side. Then when I emerged there were women there as well! 😲  For a moment I thought I'd gone into the wrong changing block - but everything was fine.  That's how it's done down there.  It's Derbyshire y'know...we're reight modern and liberal!


I remember a few years ago going to a hotel near Warrington...("Lord Daresbury" it's called).  I was at some meeting and we stayed overnight.    They'd got a leisure complex adjoining the hotel and it had a sauna.  I think I'd been in the gym first then decided I'd go and have a nice relaxing sauna.  I stripped off, grabbed a towel and walked naked into the sauna cabin.  As soon as I opened the door I saw it was mixed and everyone else was in bathrobes or at least covered with a towel.  I think that's the quickest I've ever turned round and exited a place!  It really wasn't obvious that this was a mixed area - I bet I'm not the only one to have done that there.  What made it worse was that it was a company do, so word soon got around and I took a lot of ribbing for it.  Just as well I'm pretty thick-skinned (and have the body of Adonis).😉



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