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Ransomware Malware Viruses And Linux


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My dad called me yesterday, he’d gotten an email from some scammers; it’s the one that goes “we have acccess to your computer webcam and recorded video of you enjoying adult sites and also have your contact list for friends and family; send us bitcoin or we share”...


I’ve had the same in the past, and 99.9999% sure it’s bluff and a scam, and they have zero leverage.


My dad also found some crash reports on his system, and the date coincides with a date mentioning in this email, so is concerned re: the security of his computer.


He runs Linux mint. I don’t think he has any anti-malware anti-virus etc. Any advice or recommendations for anti-malware and a/v for Linux?



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Well. Quite contrasting view there chaps! ;)


Any thoughts on the wider topic of security on Linux systems?


I have Linux Mint on my Laptop, and haven’t at all bothered with anti virus malware protection etc. No problems thus far...


For the more paranoid, and for peace of mind etc; any recommendations for Linux virus and malware protection?

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The free AV software you can install is clamav/clamtk (tk is the front end or GUI - Graphical User Interface - this scans for Windows viruses. You should also install a rootkit hunter as no OS is safe from rootkits.

Follow the advice here:



And also follow my advice on checking tarballs before extracting them (courtesy of Blackwolf, former moderator of the now (sadly) defunct Ultimate Edition Oz community which I included in both unofficial manuals for Zorin 12 and 15. You should also ensure that GUFW is enabled and set to 'Home' (as opposed to office). And for browsing piece of mind install Tor browser for secure private browsing.


Zorin is also in the process of designing parental control to be built into Zorin.


Also bear in mind that as systems become more secure, other vectors of attack are used, like browsers - hence the suggestion of Tor. Also remove any reference to 'flash' as this is one vector that is insecure on all platforms - that is why Apple prevented Flash from being used quite a while back.

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