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Did Anyone Live On Adsett Street?

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hi i lived on adsett st right next to the steel  works i think it was no 35 opposite the bottom  of draper st  my name was peter yates ours was the big yard we always had a big bonfire in the yard my grand parents lived on draper st no 26 they were called nellie and john brown alxo i remember the prince of wales pub when the sutters had it i had a saturday job cleaning out the fireplaces out anc making the fire if i remember right they had a mynah bird

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Hi long shot here..  but did anyone live on adsett street Grimesthorpe near number 4 ?.we think thats  the house my grandad lived at for awhile back in the early 70s. Was a Tall fella dark hair name was Francis Roy humpreys.. the house apparently had an gas explosion with a door flung off and hit him in side of face/neck . I’ve heard caused by whites demolition hit a gas pipe .just that I never got to see him has he Sadly passed in 75 year before I was born. So if any one knew of him plz tell 😀. I’m tying to gather some information ect ... so any information greatly appreciated Thanks guys n girls 

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