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Diminishing Quality Of Food & Products

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On 04/10/2019 at 17:47, ChrisIB said:

It seems these days that 'New improved' just means they have found a cheaper ingredient to substitute.

Downsizing also seems to be on the increase, noticed my 500g pack of lamb mince from Aldi is now 475g.

I'll  go along with that, I've  never thrown food away in the past I've  either eaten it next day or frozen it but in the last two years I've  been binning food because it's  been too awful  to eat.

They tamper  with food too much today just to try and make it cheaper, for themselves of course not for the customers benefit but then again I  wouldn't  buy too cheap food , I'd  be very suspicious  about what's in it.

I bought some froze prawns with shells on from Morrisons on Thursday , caught in the Atlantic so it said, I won't  buy the ones farmed in Vietnam  or Thailand  but they were so tough and chewy I had to throw most of them away. I've  never had prawns like that before I suggest they were really old.

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