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Council Switchboard, Can't Get Through At All

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14 minutes ago, gamezone07 said:

just can't get through on council switchboard, its an important issue, non payment of traffic violation, 40 mins then just get cut off, ridiculous.

It’s been like that for ages.


If/when you do get through ask for a direct number and write it down.

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It's nearly impossible to contact the council on the phone- I've never managed to get through. I think they could be legally challenged on it personally- they're not providing any way for constituents to contact them. 


I had an issue that was urgent, tried for days. In the end I got in touch with my MP who was able to sort it out. I'd recommend doing the same - not only does it get the issue tackled, it also highlights the problem. 


The council are happy to send threatening letters that worry people, often unduly, but with no way to talk to them about it, it provides serious mental distress to people. I liken it to a bullying tactic personally. 

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5 minutes ago, geared said:

Then post it here incase anyone else needs it.

A few years ago a mate of mine who worked at the Moor Buildings gave me a photocopy of an old SCC internal directory. With only one exception, every single person who answered a direct line snapped “How did you get this number?” at me.


There is virtually no concept of public service from many council employees who seem to need the switchboard as a barrier between them and the public who after all pay their wages. The reason I acquired the internal phone book was that some switchboard operatives would ask me for my date of birth before connecting me. When being told that this was absolutely none of their business they immediately disconnected the call.

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My experience of being  able to get through to Sheffield council is very poor. 


I've given up on reporting fly tipping, blocked gulleys and street lights that are out.  There is a bank of lights out on the parkway that has been this way for months. If there is a major accident the council will probably say "no one reported any issues". 


On the website, if you don't have a Sheffield post code you cannot report anything by that method. The system prevents it.  


How the residents tolerate it I don't know. 



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