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House Flies In This Weather


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Has anyone noticed an increase in house flies the last few days due to this weather?


I've had the windows open and had quite a few fly in  - I live near Abbeydale area which i am told had drain issues - could this be related ? 😮


PS I've blocked the sink so I know they are not flying up from there !


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I suspect this increase in Flies Around is a result of:

1: Warmer weather - Global Warming, how long before mosquitos arrive here?

2: Due to fort nightly Bin Collections in stead of weekly Collections

3:  Plus people throw their out of date food into bins as waste! 

4:  Failing to secure Bin lids closed

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I'm  not being bothered with flies but spiders are everywhere.

You know what the old comedians  used to say about flies in the house,

If you want to keep flies out of your kitchen, put a bucket of manure in your living room. Job done. 😄

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2 hours ago, breakingzero said:

We're  just off Abbeydale and have loads in the last week.  Fruit flies type ones and big blue bottles.  Thought it was just us being messy! 

Me too in same area - hope its not the general communal drains or something !

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