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Flood Alerts Sheffield Autumn 2019

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6 hours ago, foxydebs said:

You hit the nail on the head it's like that over here in s8 as well as the rest of Sheffield.

You know how we feel in Somerset, cuts in services ....

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The Sheffield counci link is saying at 4.45 am that Bochum parkway is closed, does anyone know which section is closed? Or is it all of it? 

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Just tried to get rom Woodhouse to the Northern General, alot of roads closed around Attercliffe so had to head back to town and go that way.

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Road closures as of 6:55am (updated)





For the latest travel updates follow Travel South Yorkshire on Twitter at @TSYalerts

Keep informed with any issues on the roads on Twitter at @sccstreetsahead

An updated list of current road closures, as of 06:55am, is below:

Bochum Parkway

Brightside Lane

Grange Mill Lane

Ecclesfield Road

Fife St

Green Lane / Butterthwaite Road – Shiregreen

Ecclesall Road- one side

Whitley Lane

Chesterfield Rd – Ponsfords

Jenkin Rd / Meadowhall Rd

Hawke St / Upwell St

Mickley Lane – Partial Closure

Ecclesfield road, in Ecclesfield Centre, partially closed

Manchester Rd (Deepcar)

Bawtry Rd at Park House Lane

CAUTION – Issues reported on Bawtry Rd and Manchester Rd, Stocksbridge due to water running off fields to highway.

Sheffield Parkway slip road to Manor Lane (inbound)



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Travel South Yorkshire update as of 6:55am




Due to the heavy rain causing flooding throughout South Yorkshire please be aware of the below disruptions;

All services throughout are experiencing severe delays.

Meadowhall Interchange has been closed due to weather and risk of flooding.

Stagecoach Supertram

Tram Train and Yellow route tram to terminate at Meadowhall South due to flooding at Tinsley.

At Valley Centertainment and Carbrook, trams in both directions will run from the same platform - the platform usually used solely for Meadowhall-bound services.

First Bus

ALL ROTHERHAM SERVICES FROM WORTLEY ROAD SIDE TO ACCESS ROTHERHAM INTERCHANGE VIA MAIN STREET / ALMA ROAD / WELLGATE / DRUMMOND STREET BOTH DIRECTIONS (Centenary Way from Canklow Roundabout to Ickles Roadabout inc junctions in addition to St Anns Roundabout / College Road Roadabout impassable).

Service 11 & 11a - Terminating at Sheffield Lane Top due to extensive flooding in Ecclesfield.
Service 20 - London Road, Abbeydale Road, Scarsdale Road, Norton Lane then resume route at Warminster Road.
Service 22a & 22c – SERVICE SUSPENDED due to flooding at Parkgate, Greasborough and Manvers.
Service 24 – Normal route.
Service 26 - Terminate at the Worrygoose Roundabout.
Service 29 & X54 - Terminating at the Saxon Pub due to Flooding on Hard Lane, HartHill.
Service 52a - Diverted via Prince of Wales and Parkway to Handsworth in both directions due to flooding at White Rose and a broken down car in the middle of the road. To terminate at Ballifields - via Retford Road, Beaver Hill, and Ballifields to resume inbound to City Route.
Service 57 - Terminating at Hillsborough, terminating at Dykes Hall road due to flooding at Oughtibridge.
Service 73 – Operating Waverley / Sheffield only. Unable to serve Canklow, Treeton, Catcliffe or divert via Ickles due to flooding.
Service 74a & X74 - Unable to use Park Way Markets Due to Flooding, diverted on to the Parkway in Both Directions. X74 also diverted Sheffield Airport / Rotherham via Parkway, West Bawtry Road & Moorgate both directions.
Service 97 & 98 - Crowder Road flooded. Service diverted via Southey Hill, Moonshine Lane, Herries Drive and Resume Route on Longley Avenue.
Service 136 -  Terminating at Chaplefields, Thorpe Hesley Due to flooding on Hague Lane and Wentworth Road.
Service 139 & 140 – Diverted via Munsbrough Rise / Fenton Road / Roughwood Road / Grayson Road both directions due to flooding at Greasborough.
Service 141 & 142 – Unable to serve Parkgate. Diverted via Greasborough Road.
Service 208, X1 & X10 -  Diverted Staniforth Road , Prince of wales Road Sheffield Parkway, Rotherway, West Bawtry Road and Moorgate Road in both directions due to flooding at Ickles & Meadowhall. Also, Worrygoose Lane closed - service to divert via West Bawtry Road, Morthern road to resume route to Thurcroft in both directions at Monksbridge Roundabout run to Dinnington via the x5 Route missing Outgang Lane (flooded).
Service 216, X5 & X55 - Due to Flooding at Woodhouse Mill will be diverted via Sheffield Parkway, Mosborough Parkway A57, Chesterfield Road and resume route at Swallownest Main Street in both Directions.
Service 271 & 272 - Bradwell impassable.
Service 236 – SERVICE SUSPENDED due to flooding at Wentworth & Greasborough.
Treeton is completely cut off due to flooding on all surrounding roads
Service27,29  to use Sheffield parkway and A57 to Swallownest then to Rotherham from there
Services no longer able to serve Magna and Bawtry Road services are being diverted by South Yorkshire Police onto M1 at Tinsley from there they will use A630 Rotherway West Bawtry Road and Centenery Way
Service 18,18a  - Upwell Street bridge Flooded - Diverted via Holywell Road, Jenkin Road and Meadowhall Road
Service 83 and Service 11 - Mill Road Flooded - Service to use Whiteley Way and Resume Route on Church Street


Please bear with us as we assess which services and routes can operate safely today. More information will follow asap.


All services are running as normal except service 27 which can't go through Darfield and so isn't able to serve low valley.
Service 27 will run to kettle roundabout, then using A6195, then onto A633 going left into Wombwell.


The following Sheffield services are following a diversion -

Service 2 - left at chapeltown on to loundside up to a61 on to tankersley roundabout 3rd exit to birdwell roundabout then normal running
Service 44 - scholes village and wentworth closed
Service 57 and 58,  M92, SL1 - not running
Service 88 - right out of depot left on to cross hill left at hartley brook cross roads right on to nethershire then normal running
Service 83a -  from depot right on to green lane left onto cross hill right on to st michaels left on to wordsworth then normal running
Service XPO2 -not serving Parkgate

26, 73, 74, 75 - all still being checked - more information to follow

The following Sheffield services are all running as normal - 
1, 86, 52, 120, 7, 25, 72/72a, XPO1,


Services are being assessed currently. Services to Sheffield are running fine. More information to follow on all other services.


We have been assessing the roads this morning and unfortuntely many of the routes are still blocked.

Rotherham is still cut off, so we are unable to serve Parkgate - Barbot Hall Industrial Estate is blocked.

Service 218/218a will Terminate at Great Eastern Way.
Service 22x - Barnsley. Depot - Goldern Smithies - Manvers - Doncaster Road - Wath Bus Station - Brampton - Wombwell - Cat Hill - Ardsley - Barnsley.
Service 221 - Depot -  Swinton diverting Queen Street - Wath Rd -  Main St - Mexborough Bus Station - Denaby Bolton Street (Not serving market) - Harrogate Drive - Normal  route to Doncaster
Service 220 - Cortonwood - Normal to Wath - diverting Doncaster Road - Manvers - Goldern Smithies - diverting Queen Street - Wath Rd -  Main St - Mexborough Bus Station - Denaby Bolton Street (Not serving market) - Harrogate Drive - then normal  route to Doncaster
Service 8/8a/9 - Normal route terminating at depot with selected services terminating at Parkgate Roundabout.
Service 218a - Terminating Great Western Way. - Normal Route to Swinton - diverting Queen Street - Wath Rd -  Main St - Mex Bus Station - Manvers - Old Moore -  Cat Hill -Goldthorpe - Highgate Ln - Prospect Rd - normal route.
Service X6 - Still assessing will update when completed.
Service 226 - Thurnscoe - Normal Route to Wombwell - diverting- Cat Hill -Goldthorpe - Highgate Ln - Prospect Rd - Normal Route.
Service 222 - Cortonwood - Wombwell - Cat Hill - Ardsley - Barnsley.



Service 63 will terminate at the bottom of Bank Rd in Matlock (then onto Starkholmes at school times)
Service 110/111 will terminate at Matlock Rail Station as Bakewell Rd is inaccessible
Service 172 will run Bakewell to Elton only due to closure of Darley Bridge & A6 (1/2)
Service 174 wont be running due to road closure at Brough
Service 274 will run Bamford Station to Sheffield
Other services being assessed, we’ll keep you posted.

Northern Rail - For live departure times and cancellation information please visit Northern Rail or National Rail Enquiries

Due to flooding at Kiveton Park trains between Sheffield & Gainsborough/Lincoln are currently unable to operate. Services are unable to serve Rotherham Central; a replacement bus service is operating between Rotherham Central and Meadowhall. Services between Sheffield and Huddersfield are currently unable to operate. Services between Sheffield and Leeds (Moorthorpe) are currently unable to operate. There is currently no approximate time for normal service resumption.



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Upwe Street totally clear if this morning, if anyone needs to go that way. 

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Streets Ahead are reporting one side of Ecclesall Road is closed:


These roads remain closed  this morning (8am):
Bochum Parkway
Brightside Lane
Fife St
Green Lane/Butterthwaite
Ecclesall Rd (one side)
Whitley Lane
Hawke St/Upwell St
Mickley Lane (partial)
Bawtry Rd @ Park House Lane
We'll keep you updated  #Sheffield


Does anyone know which side and which section?

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can't embed tweets it seems

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Ecclesall Road now open - 


These roads are now open


(8:25am): Ecclesall Rd Hawke St/Upwell St Handsworth Rd/White Rose Mickley Lane is passable with care Bawtry Rd @ Park House Lane - one lane re-opened Please take care whilst driving this morning #sheffieldfloods

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A massive thank you needs to be sent out to all hospital and emergency services staff who braved the roads to get to work and to continue to provide a service under very difficult circumstances. :clap:

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Hi folks can I get to  shirecliffe from mosbro  today ? 

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Bochum parkway from jordanthorpe parkway roundabout to light wood roundabout was still closed at 9am

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