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Where To Take Kids On A Weekend?


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10 minutes ago, Janus said:

Have got Healey city farm on list. Can anyone suggest where else to take kids in car, age 4, 6 and 10. Say within about 15 miles of Sheffield centre mainly at weekends.


Loads of places round Sheffield Janus, Castleton, they would love the caves.

Yorkshire Wildlife Pk, been recently and would recommend .

Cleethorpes is only an hours drive away.

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How about...outdoors?  Or does it have to be some sort of man-made entertainment?


How about a walk through beautiful countryside?  There's plenty of it around here - it's one thing we are blessed with.  The Derbyshire Dales are stunning and each dale has it's own character and attractions.  Would you know where they are in relation to each other, and what they offer?  If not, then that's worth some exploration in itself.   As a kid I was introduced to the Dales and became fascinated to explore each and every one of them - and there many, stretched out across an area that represents England's largest national park.  


Do they have bikes?  If so, how about taking them up on Lady Canning's plantation where lots of purpose-built cycle tracks have been laid with stunning views across the moors and city of Sheffield.    If not, how about some "weaseling" on Burbage or Stanage Edge?    Take a map and a compass out with you and show them how to use it.  Or maybe teach them about different types of plants and trees and wildlife?  


If none of that appeals and you'd prefer to take them to a specific place, pay some money, and let someone else, or something else, entertain them, then that's easy enough to do.  There's no end of cinemas, bowling alleys, sport centres and the like.   Personally, we've always done lots of outdoor stuff with our kids from a very young age and they've always enjoyed it.  We also had a pass for Chatsworth for many years and they've spent many happy days there in the summer holidays, enjoying all that it offers.  However, Chatsworth is quite expensive - and there's so much pleasure that kids can get from a simple walk in beautiful countryside.


Some good options here...



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On 27/09/2019 at 23:47, Top Cats Hat said:

If they have a head for heights they can go on the roof of Wentworth Woodhouse at the moment while it is being done.


Cracking views from up there and a ton of history if they’re interested.

After a look on the roof you'll struggle to keep kids occupied I'd have thought. I did the tour a couple of years back and was a bit dry.


Chatsworth and Yorkshire wildlife park would be better options.

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