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Bass In The Park Ponderosa

S6 D.I.Y

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have any of you seeing the state of the land on the pondarosa park . all grass churned up by large wagons fork lift trucks ext.and that is before any visitors to the event over weekend i hope the council have a clauss in contract to put it back how it was especially as weather going to be bad all weekend.

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I know someone said in the other thread about grass will grow back, (which of course it will)


however, I went past this earlier, and it really is a mess. If that hardens and grass on it, it won't be good to walk on. Could do with a 'steam-rolling' I think.

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  • nikki-red changed the title to Bass In The Park Ponderosa - cancelled due to weather

I went past today and it's a complete mess, ruts a foot deep, churned up mud and this is over the lower half of the park completely. There is a petition to be found here for anybody who wishes to sign.



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