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Guitarist here, looking for people who can play a bit already but who are looking to try new things in music. Maybe you are in a bit of a rut with your instrument and want a new challenge. The idea is to meet regularly for acoustic jams to share ideas and learn from one another.


Specifically interested in people who want to explore and have a crack at acoustic Jazz- Swing, Gypsy, Latin type stuff. Trying at present to learn some Jazz standards as a starting point. Long term goal is open mic/ small venue performance. We'll see.


Not looking for virtuosos or pros as I see this as a fun jamming and learning opportunity.


Age not important, mid 50's myself- been playing on and off for years but rusty- would be good if we can tolerate each other's ineptitude!


Possible venue would be my local community centre in S6 which offers room hire by the hour.


Hope to hear from you soon.



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Ok one more time...Guitarist looking for others to jam and learn Gypsy Jazz,  you will probably be able to play a bit already but are interested 

In learning this style.  Give it a go!? Age etc irrelevant. Practice space available.





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