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Boro V Owls

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On 30/09/2019 at 17:22, Hotmale 1954 said:

Did anyone on here go to 'Boro?


Did we bypass midfield again (Hoof) and play in their half, or did we play a bit of football?

I'm getting a bit browned off with launching it to Fletcher for an hour, then launching it to Nuhiu for the next 36 minutes.

I suppose with two big 'uns up front at 'Boro, we would have done better with hoofing it, but it's not a style I'm attaching myself to.

Yeah, it brought a win (and a good one) but hey ho! I don't want to go back to the Howard Wilkinson days.

I'd be interested to know.

We played a lot of hoof,got it foreward quicker,but used the channels so it was a mix,it was mostly from crosses and set peices in and around their box,we went more direct to answer your question

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Cheers stan.

It's funny. When I'm there to see it, like against Fulham, I find it difficult and frustrating to watch.

When I'm not there and we get a favourable result, I'm buzzing.

When we get a result like we got at Hull, I assume we Hoofed it. I imagine the fans were frustrated and pessimistic. I imagine we didn't look like scoring in a month o' Sundays.

This lot spoil my weekends, my week and my life.

I relish the good 96 minutes when they arrive, but overall, I'm a bit lethargic with it all.

I thought Monk was a 'good football, attacking Manager'.

We'll have to wait and see.

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